AgilityIntelligence Assassin
<p>A 50 card themed deck that focuses on the Dunmer race. Cards include Dunmer creature cards, items, and actions <em>(37 creatures, 8 items, 5 actions)</em>.&nbsp;</p> <p>The deck focuses on Dunmer creature cards that can guard and others that indirectly attack. Since I lack many of these items in my own game, this deck is untested. If you try it out and find flaws with it, feel free to let me know what I could edit or change.&nbsp;</p>

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Deck 50 / 50

AgilityIntelligence Assassin
magicacostMournhold Guardian3
magicacostSteel Sword3
magicacostWisdom of Ancients3
magicacostDunmer Nightblade3
magicacostVaranis Courier2
magicacostCunning Ally 3
magicacostMace of Encumbrance3
magicacostTelvanni Arcanist2
magicacostBrilliant Experiment2
magicacostHouse Kinsman3
magicacostDeshaan Avenger3
magicacostQueen Barenziah1
magicacostDres Renegade3
magicacostBaron of Tear3
magicacostDeshaan Sneak2
magicacostDres Guard3
magicacostSadras Agent3
magicacostNecrom Mastermind1
magicacostMentor's Ring1
magicacostStaff of Sparks1
magicacostIndoril Archmage1
magicacostDivayth Fyr1