AgilityIntelligence Assassin
<p>A 50 card themed deck that focuses on the Dunmer race. Cards include Dunmer creature cards, items, and actions <em>(37 creatures, 8 items, 5 actions)</em>.&nbsp;</p> <p>The deck focuses on Dunmer creature cards that can guard and others that indirectly attack. Since I lack many of these items in my own game, this deck is untested. If you try it out and find flaws with it, feel free to let me know what I could edit or change.&nbsp;</p>

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Deck 50 / 50

AgilityIntelligence Assassin
magicacostMournhold Guardian3
magicacostWisdom of Ancients3
magicacostDunmer Nightblade3
magicacostSteel Sword3
magicacostMace of Encumbrance3
magicacostTelvanni Arcanist2
magicacostBrilliant Experiment2
magicacostCunning Ally 3
magicacostHouse Kinsman3
magicacostVaranis Courier2
magicacostDeshaan Avenger3
magicacostQueen Barenziah1
magicacostDres Renegade3
magicacostBaron of Tear3
magicacostDeshaan Sneak2
magicacostDres Guard3
magicacostSadras Agent3
magicacostNecrom Mastermind1
magicacostMentor's Ring1
magicacostStaff of Sparks1
magicacostIndoril Archmage1
magicacostDivayth Fyr1